Juvenile Diversion

The District Attorney's Office Juvenile Diversion Program accepts first-time offenders whose behavior and attitudes indicate the need for non-judicial intervention, hopefully lowering the risk of re-offending. The juvenile's needs are assessed during an intake interview, and upon acceptance to the program, referrals are made to appropriate community resources to help them address these needs. If the juvenile does not commit to the program by active follow through, court intervention will be recommended.

The program serves juveniles in Fremont, Custer, Chaffee, and Park counties, whose ages range from 10 up to 18. Typically, juveniles qualifying for The Diversion Program are first-time offenders of a non-violent offense. Participation in Juvenile Diversion is voluntary and must be agreed upon by the offender, parents/guardians, and the Program Coordinator.

Here is what is involved in the Juvenile Diversion Program:

Intake interview:
Client History (Social History)
Written Confession
Waiving right to a court trial
Random Drug Testing
Agree not to re-offend

Program Recommendations may include:
Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Positive Life Choices Class
Community Service
Apology Letters to Victims
Truancy Review Board

Juvenile Case Management
If the juvenile fails to comply with the terms of his/her contract and/or re-offends while on the program, recommendations will be made for court intervention. If the juvenile successfully completes his/her contract, the incident will be expunged from the juvenile's record.

For additional information please call (719) 269-0171