Fremont County Law Enforcement Officer Use of Force Protocol

If a Fremont County Law Enforcement Officer is involved in the:

  1. use or attempted use of deadly force, or
  2. use or attempted use of less than deadly force that results in serious bodily injury,

the FCSO, CCPD, FPD and the District Attorney’s Office agree to the following:

  1. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will assume primary responsibility for and authority over the investigation. CBI will be notified immediately of a qualifying event by the involved law enforcement agency pursuant to that agency’s internal policies and procedures.
  2. The Fremont County law enforcement agencies will conduct only the following tasks prior to the arrival of CBI:
    1. Ensure the immediate safety of all law enforcement officers and the community.
    2. Secure and preserve in an undisturbed state any and all scene(s) and/or evidence.
    3. Obtain information from involved law enforcement officers only as necessary to ensure safety and secure the scene.
    4. Separate and secure all witnesses, including law enforcement witnesses, until CBI can determine how best to obtain statements from the witnesses.
  3. Any other involvement of a Fremont County law enforcement officer in the investigation will be done only with the approval of and at the request of CBI.
  4. As soon as possible all of the law enforcement officers involved in the use of force incident will be removed from the scene and taken to a secure and comfortable location.
    1. The officers will be separated from other individuals involved in the incident.
    2. The officers will be notified that CBI is responding and will be conducting the investigation.
    3. The officers will be provided food and water, an opportunity to contact an attorney and/or family members, and a place to wait until the CBI agents are ready to approach the officers.
    4. The CBI agents will determine how best to, under the circumstances, offer the officers an opportunity to make a formal statement about the incident. Officers should not write a report regarding the incident unless expressly directed to by CBI.

James Beicker
Fremont County Sheriff

Mike DeLaurentis
Chief of Police, Florence Police Department

Thom K. LeDoux
District Attorney 11th JD

Paul Schultz
Chief of Police, Canon City Police Department