Teen Court Seeks Attorney Volunteers

Dear Fremont County Attorneys,

I would like to invite you to lunch on March 8th at noon in District Court Judge Ramsey Lama’s jury room at the Fremont County Courthouse (3rd floor) to come learn about our Teen Court in Fremont County, and hopefully convince you to participate as a mentor to our teen attorneys. Teen Court is conducted once a month, on the first Thursday of the month, at the courthouse from 5 to 7pm. There is no requirement that an attorney volunteer come every time. Rather, our hope is to develop a deeper roster, which means fewer demands on each volunteer.

The Teen Court is a part of our Diversion Program in the District Attorney’s Office. It is coordinated by Brianna O’Dell. Judge Lama volunteers to preside.

The youth referred to Teen Court for sentencing have admitted the offense. As a result, the role of the teen attorneys (prosecutor and defense) is not to battle guilt or innocence, but to present evidence and argument relevant to sentencing. The sentence is decided by a teen jury within certain established parameters.

To rsvp for the lunch, or for more information about Teen Court, please contact Brianna O’Dell:

Brianna O'Dell
Juvenile Diversion Director
Office of the District Attorney
11th Judicial District
(719) 269-0170


Molly Chilson
District Attorney, 11th JD